Institutional Review Board

IRB Fees: Fees as of July 1, 2015

We are in the process of updating review fees.  They will be published shortly.

For assistance determining how the fee schedule applies to your individual research project, contact the IRB Office at 425-525-3307 or via email at .

Click is the IRB electronic platform used at Providence SJH (Swedish).  CLICK is a recognized leader in IRB review software, and we are excited to be able to consolidate systems with our partners.  

IRB submissions through Click IRB: 
Internal staff can request a user account at this link by selecting internal caregiver option.  Research partners external to Providence SJH can request a user account by selecting the external partners option. 

New studies (full or expedited) must be submitted in Click.

Please see the reference sheet and instruction manuals below for additional information:

Please contact the IRB Office at (425) 525-3307 for any questions regarding the processing of submissions.