Transfer Center

Phones_crossed-cords.jpgThe Swedish Transfer Center is a service reserved for physicians who need to admit a patient to a Swedish hospital.

1-866-470-4BED (4233)

To admit to Pediatrics:

First Hill - On-call pediatric hospitalist pager: 206-969-7500
Issaquah - On-call pediatric hospitalist pager: 206-969-7337

The Transfer Center offers:

  • Streamlined patient transfers
  • Seven days a week - 24 hours a day
  • Access to all acute-care specialties
  • Admissions to Ballard, Cherry Hill, First Hill and Issaquah campuses

The Transfer Center staff quickly connects referring physicians with Swedish physicians to secure the appropriate bed. Whether a patient is in another hospital, emergency department or medical office, the process is simple:

  • Referring physician calls the number above.

    The Transfer Center's staff collects the following information from the referring physician:
    • Referring hospital and/or physician name and phone number,
    • Patient's name, age, diagnosis, level of care needed and type of specialty care or service requested and
    • Patient's primary care provider (PCP) name and phone number.

The Transfer Center staff facilitates a physician-to-physician phone consult between the referring and admitting physicians. Our staff will attempt to remain on the phone to complete the transfer after the patient has been accepted.

For more information about the Swedish Transfer Center, call 866-470-4BED (4233).