Patient Safety Resources

Every hospital and medical practice, provider and administrator has a role to play in ensuring the safe delivery of health-care services. The most successful programs, however, also include engaged patients who are informed and actively participating in their own care.

Because of our commitment to safe patient care, Swedish Medical Center is providing this site as a quick and easy way for providers to find online patient safety resources. Check this page frequently as new information, tools and links will continue to be added.

Be SMART About Medical Imaging

Many industries use radiation to visualize inside objects. In health care, radiation is a valuable tool to screen for, diagnose and treat numerous medical and dental conditions. Learn more about the benefits of medical imaging and the limited risk from exposure to radiation during these procedures. Be SMART about medical imaging.

Hand Hygiene

Hand hygiene is the single most important factor in preventing the spread of infection. The following resources are available to help make hand hygiene a routine habit by educating health-care providers, patients, visitors and vendors about this simple, yet critical, practice.

Medication Reconciliation

Medicine works best when taken properly. Providing tools for patients to keep track of their medications and take notes during their appointments on their prescription is one way to engage patients in their care. When you prescribes a new medicine, make sure they understand the directions and have a medication record.

Patient Safety Organizations