School Coordinators

Swedish Health Services is partnered with Clinical Placements Northwest (CPNW). All Swedish campuses use the CPNW website as part of the onboarding process for students coming for work-based learning experiences. If your school or program is newly affiliated with Swedish and have not registered with CPNW, then please review the Schools New to Swedish or CPNW tab for instructions.

We look forward to having you as a student in our facility. Learn about nursing at Swedish. For further assistance, questions, or concerns, please visit our Contact Information page.

Schools must be registered with CPNW:

  • If you have not done so, please visit CPNW and register your school.
  • You will find complete instructions on how to set-up your school program with CPNW as well as how to gain access for your student to complete their online orientation.
  • Please allow a minimum of 4-5 workdays to give your staff enough time to set up an account and be trained on how to use the CPNW website.
  • If you need assistance with CPNW, please visit CPNW or contact CPNW Support at

The onboarding process and requirements are the same for all clinical rotation (providing direct patient care) students and instructors, even those who are also current Swedish employees. Academic Services ( does not access or request records from HR or Employee Health.

For non-clinical (no direct patient care) students who are also current Swedish employees, please contact Academic Services for onboarding instructions.

Step 1

Submit student and placement to Academic Services: The school will complete the appropriate student form at least 14 days prior to the first day students will be on campus.

  • Allied (Allied health and professional students/instructors including, not all inclusive: dietetics, midwifery, pharmacy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, radiologic tech, social work, respiratory therapy, non-clinical/administrative/HIM).
  • Graduate Nursing (NP/ARNP/DNP/MN/MSN students/faculty, nurse-midwifery, RN-BSN students).
  • Undergraduate Nursing: Complete the form and return to Academic Services:
Step 2

CPNW Learning Modules and Swedish Online Orientation:

  • The school will provide the "Access Code" to their students in order for them to register for their CPNW account. Please note: CPNW requires an annual student registration fee.
    • Students will complete CPNW Learning Modules. Following CPNW Learning Modules, students will navigate to Site Requirements and select a Swedish facility for link to Swedish Online Orientation (formerly InfoPort).
Step 3

CPNW Clinical Passport:

  • The Clinical Passport form must be filled out by the school representative, signed and dated attesting to the accuracy of the information provided.
  • This is required for each student/instructor coming to any Swedish facility.
  • The Clinical Passport will be rejected and students will be unable to start clinical until all information is complete and accurate.
  • The Clinical Passport form and tutorial are found on the CPNW website.
Step 4

Background checks:

  • Schools will run and report dates for student/instructor National Criminal Background Check and WA State Patrol-WATCH Report per the Clinical Passport requirement.
  • The WATCH Report is required for all students/instructors whether or not they have lived in the state of WA.
  • Visit WA State Patrol-WATCH Report.
  • If you do not have an account please: Establish a New Credit Card Account. Then run a Name and Date of Birth Report.

***Students are not allowed to run any background checks or WA State Patrol (WATCH Report). To do so will be a violation of our regulatory agency requirements and Affiliation Agreement.

Step 5

Upload and Assignment in CPNW:

  • The school will upload documents into their student's Passport File. In Assignments, please enter start date, end date, select a Swedish facility for Location and save the assignment.
  • Assigning the student will enable the healthcare facility to view the student and access any uploaded files.
  • Please note: CPNW allows healthcare facility access to student files no earlier than six weeks prior to start date.
  • If you need assistance with using CPNW, please contact CPNW Support at

Required student documents that must be uploaded into the Passport File on the CPNW website by the school representative include the following:

  • Clinical Passport, signed/dated by the school representative
  • Original source documentation for all required vaccinations listed on the Clinical Passport
  • Criminal history disclosure form (If the school does not use their own disclosure form, the CPNW Clinical Passport has a link to their disclosure form)
  • Background checks:
    • National criminal background check report
    • WATCH Report (rapsheet)
  • Personal health insurance
  • If working in a food related area, Food Handlers License