Patient experience with a doula

  • "My doula was a huge part of my recovery, before our baby came home from the NICU as well as after. She has provided the kind of care that every person of color needs from a doula. Not just the typical 'I’m gonna come and help you out around the house then leave'.”
  • "The way she explained things to me. Her manner and ability to talk to me in a way that did not make my anxiety 'come up,' but helped me control my depression as well. She actually prayed with me, which is unheard of in today's world."
  • "The best parts were my doula always checking on me to make sure I was feeling okay and she was with me every step of the way in the hospital."
  • "Doula was 'Quiet Calming'.”
  • "Doula's support and laughter were important; she worked with my schedule and the needs of my family.”

Doula Feedback about the program

  • "As a doula, it's really great to be a part of an initiative that is for us and by us. I have a space where I can debrief, where I can reach out and I never have to overexplain myself. It's something I have that I didn’t know that I needed.”
  • “There is space for me to just be fully who I am and that is something you can't pay for to create on purpose without being a part of the community.”
  • “There's a lot Swedish can do to be better, but when it comes to our space as black doulas, it is exactly what is needed.”
  • "Thank you all for what you do! Truly I am grateful to be apart of this program! Every time I have a birth it's a reminder of the strength we gain as a community when we work together!"

Direct feedback for cultural navigators

  • "Just appreciate the follow through and making sure I understand what's to come next."
  • "Very communitive, I love the way she explained everything and asked where there any concerns and made me feel welcomed! Great team!"
  • "They understood my needs perfectly. Thank you for giving women of color the courage to speak up."
  • "They are a true blessing and much needed."