Movement Disorders

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Movement Disorders

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Millions of Americans suffer from neurological disorders characterized by involuntary movement, such as trembling and uncontrollable muscle contractions. For these people, even simple activities like dressing, dining or writing can be challenging. Our Movement Disorders program offers a comprehensive range of services, from diagnostic testing and innovative treatments to rehabilitation and follow-up support. One of these treatments is deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery, an advanced and highly effective option for some people suffering from these disabling conditions.

We understand that movement disorders can significantly impact quality of life, so everyone from our expert physicians to our nurses and nurse practitioners are also trained in compassion. In addition, we offer coordinated care management, from diagnosis to surgery, all in the same building.


  • Consultation, treatment and second opinions for adults and children with any type of movement disorder
  • Neuropsychological testing to assess cognitive disorders
  • Assessment of tremor and other involuntary movements
  • Observation to assess Parkinson’s patients and provide treatment strategies
  • Gait and balance assessment and training
  • Speech and swallowing evaluations and voice therapy
  • Compensation techniques for dexterity and tremor problems
  • Spasticity management, including intrathecal baclofen therapy
  • Dietary consultations 
  • Home-health services