Prenatal Genetic Counseling by Telehealth

Prenatal genetic counselors are trained to help you make sense of what can sometimes be complex and confusing medical information. They can help you make personal decisions about genetic testing options and your pregnancy. They can now meet with you via phone or video using telehealth. 

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How can genetic counseling be helpful?

With recent advances, there are many genetic testing options during pregnancy. Genetic counseling can make the information more manageable. You may feel more educated about declining genetic testing. The discussion can help you be informed, reassured, less worried and more prepared.

What can genetic counselors provide?

  • Discussion of the pros and cons of prenatal genetic testing options
  • during and before pregnancy
  • Personal guidance on test decision-making through test results
  • Patient-friendly explanations of complex medical information
  • Guidance for each patient to make informed, independent decisions
  • about their health care and reproductive options
  • Resources and educational materials

How do I make an appointment for telehealth genetic counseling?

Speak to your obstetrics provider to obtain a referral. Once referred, you will receive a phone call from the Swedish Maternal and Fetal Specialty Center to schedule your telehealth appointment.

What can I expect during my appointment?

You will attend your telehealth appointment at your referring OB clinic, and the genetic counselor will be located at Swedish First Hill in Seattle. You will communicate through a computer that allows you to see and hear each other. The appointment lasts up to 60 minutes. If you opt to have genetic testing performed, your blood may be drawn once your telehealth appointment is complete. Your genetic counselor will contact you by phone with results, when available.