Chronic and Acute Medical Conditions

A chronic or acute medical condition may cause complications for your baby, or pregnancy may make the condition worse for you. Your medications for these conditions can sometimes affect the baby also. Medical conditions that may affect your pregnancy include:

• Lupus or other autoimmune disease
• Preexisting high blood pressure
• Diabetes
• Severe asthma
• Heart disease
• Thyroid disease
• Clotting disorders
• Kidney disease
• Cancer
• Severe anemia
• Seizure disorder
• Multiple sclerosis
• Inflammatory bowel disease
• Psychiatric illness
• Substance abuse

If you have a chronic medical condition, it’s ideal to see a specialist before conceiving. During that planning visit, management of your condition can be optimized, and medications adjusted as needed. Expectations for pregnancy care including any extra monitoring can also be set. If you become pregnant before having a planning visit, see your doctor as early as possible in the pregnancy.

Pregnant women can also develop illnesses during pregnancy. Although many common sicknesses run their course and have little effect on the mother or baby, others can be much more serious during pregnancy. Examples include appendicitis, influenza, listeria, and Fifth’s disease. Kidney and lung infections can also be more complicated in pregnancy. Our specialists are experts on the care of pregnant women with these and other complications.