Advanced Cardiac Support

Advanced cardiac support is a program for patients with heart failure. Heart failure occurs when the heart is unable to pump the proper amount of blood throughout the body.

As Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute saw its heart failure volumes treading upwards, a multi-specialty group of heart care providers began looking for ways to best meet the needs of their increasing number of patients with heart failure.

The goal was to provide a comprehensive approach to patient care, in order to reduce mortality and hospitalization rates for acute heart failure patients, while also helping to improve their quality of life. In 2015, the providers came together in one location in the Jefferson Tower on the Swedish Cherry Hill campus.

The center's team includes heart failure physician specialists, nurse practitioners, heart-failure registered nurses, patient care coordinators and medical assistants. A dedicated palliative-care specialist helps patients manage the symptoms and stress associated with treatment regimens. A dedicated pharmacist assists with medication management, and a nutritionist is available to address ongoing nutritional challenges. Patients also have access to a social worker and financial counseling.

Patient Story

Meet Vivek Gupta, a Boston-based software engineer who suffered a massive heart attack while in Seattle for a company retreat. Watch this video to learn how the Advanced Cardiac Support team at Swedish saved Vivek's life with ECMO therapy.

Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute has received the Extracorporeal Life Support Organization (ELSO) Gold award for Excellence in Life Support. us_news_heartfailure_2021 Award: Healthgrades 2020 Treatment for Heart Failure 5-star recipient