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Our goal at the Swedish Cancer Institute is to help with your understanding of the billing process.

You can expect to receive at least two separate bills relating to your care at the Swedish Cancer Institute. This guide includes copies of sample bills and should answer questions you may have regarding your bills. Also included are phone numbers for you to call if you have questions about a particular bill.

Types of Care and Services

During your visits to the Swedish Cancer Institute, you may receive the following types of care and services:

  • Chemotherapy
  • Doctor visit
  • Laboratory work
  • Medical imaging (i.e. X-rays, CT scans, etc.)
  • Nurse visit
  • Radiation therapy

Types of Bills

Depending on what type of care you get, you will receive bills from various departments of Swedish Medical Center. These include bills from:

  • Swedish Physicians Division for visits to your medical oncology doctor. If you have questions about this bill, please call 1-888- 294-9333.
  • Tumor Institute Radiation Oncology Group for visits to your radiation oncology doctor. If you have questions about this bill, please call (206) 749-5130.
  • Swedish Medical Center for all visits, including your physicians, your nurses, for your chemotherapy and radiation-therapy treatments, for X-rays and for lab work. If you have questions about this bill, please call (206) 320-5300 or (877) 406-0438.  In addition, Swedish Cancer Institute services at Swedish Issaquah, Swedish Edmonds, and Highline Medical Center are licensed as part of the hospital, and a patient may receive a separate facility charge. Read more here.
  • Other care providers related to your treatment. If you receive bills from additional providers besides the ones listed above, please call the number listed on the bill with any questions.

In some instances Swedish will verify your insurance coverage for the facility portion of your services. This does not guarantee payment for the medical services provided. If you’re concerned about insurance overage or what you must pay for your services, please call your insurance company directly. If you have questions regarding the number of bills you may receive, please contact Financial Patient Relations at (206) 386-2562.

Please see copies of sample bills (PDF).