Complementary Therapies

Helping you and your loved ones fight cancer.

At Swedish, cancer care is designed to meet all your needs, from diagnostic testing and treatment to managing symptoms and side effects to providing follow-up services you may need in your home. It also includes emotional support, spiritual guidance and financial counseling. We take an integrated approach to providing this care because we recognize that mind, body and spirit all play a part in each person’s health and well-being. Our team includes a host of oncologists and the use of medications, radiation, and other therapies to help you fight cancer.

The main goal of Cancer Rehabilitation is to teach basic exercise skills and to help patients maintain energy and strength. Our team of expert cancer rehabilitation professionals, including cancer rehabilitation physicians and physical, occupational and speech language therapists help you to:

  • Learn how to reduce fatigue, pain and emotional distress
  • Better tolerate the rigors of treatment
  • Engage as fully as possible in everyday life
  • Enhance your sense of well-being while living with cancer

Please call 206-215-6333 for information and scheduling at First Hill.

Swedish Cancer Institute’s Nutrition Care Clinic offers individualized nutritional counseling by registered dietitians to help patients make the best dietary decisions during their cancer treatment. No referral is needed for this service. Learn more in this flyer: Nutrition Counseling.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call:

The Art Therapy sessions available at Swedish Cancer Institute introduce creative ways for patients to respond to their cancer experience, and they provide a safe space to explore thoughts and express feelings about cancer. Research shows that Art Therapy can help reduce symptoms related to pain and anxiety in patients with cancer. Art Therapy may also help reduce stress and help patients achieve personal insight. Learn more in our video: What to Expect in Art Therapy.

Art Therapy is available at no extra cost and is open to all SCI patients, family members and caregivers. 

To schedule or for more information, please contact or 206-309-5437

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Pain control is often a major concern for patients with cancer. Medical massage therapy, one of many integrated care services available at the Swedish Cancer Institute, is a proven technique in the control and management of pain.

Medical massage therapy has been found to help relieve symptoms related to cancer, as well as side effects from related treatments and medical procedures, such as nausea, fatigue, insomnia, pain, restricted range of motion, and distress. Specialized techniques can also address edema and lymphedema management.

What to expect
  • A licensed massage and certified lymphedema therapist will work closely with your care team to tailor each session to your unique needs.
  • The 60-minute sessions may include appropriate massage techniques, gentle stretching, and manual lymphatic drainage, with careful attention paid to depth of pressure and positioning requirements.
  • Massage may be done directly on the skin or through clothing, all within the patient’s comfort level.

Patients should consult with their oncologist or patient-care team before receiving a massage - referrals required.

For more information or to schedule a medical massage therapy session:

Phone: 206-527-9709
Fax: 206-526-2991
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Meditation is a practice that is used to calm the mind and put the body in a relaxed state and may help control pain, decrease heart rate, decrease high blood pressure, or decrease headaches and anxiety. Many patients have found meditation helpful during chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

What to expect 

The Swedish Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program offers you instruction in mindfulness meditation, gentle yoga, and a range of strategies to manage stress and physical symptoms. This eight-week class is designed to complement your medical care. Learn more by downloading our Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction flyer.


To register for a class, receive class dates or program information, please call: 206-386-3200.

In a creative, safe, and supportive setting, participants are invited to explore the healing benefits of music through individual, group, or treatment center sessions. All sessions at Swedish Cancer Institute are facilitated by a board-certified music therapist. 

Offerings vary and may include:

  • Individual sessions: Complimentary 60-minute session with a focus on using music to address each person’s unique strengths and therapeutic goals during and after cancer treatment
  • Virtual Group Music Therapy Classes
  • Treatment Center Visits: 5–20-minute sessions offering live music designed to decrease stress and increase relaxation
  • Music Medicine: Curated music medicine playlists designed to reduce anxiety and stress during minor procedures. Talk to your clinic about Music Medicine playlists if you are receiving a bone marrow biopsy procedure, gamma knife treatment, or radiation therapy

View the Cancer Support Groups and Education flyer.

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The Swedish Cancer Institute, in partnership with the Northwest Natural Health Specialty Care Clinic, offers on-site naturopathic services for people with cancer.


Each treatment plan is unique and is developed with your specific needs in mind. Treatments focus on a wide range of areas, including:

  • Clinical nutrition (diet, vitamins, minerals, etc.)
  • Botanical medicines such as herbs
  • Lifestyle adjustments
  • Psychological support
  • Mind-body therapies

If you are receiving conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy and surgery, we recommend natural therapies that offer the most promising benefits for you, but do not interfere with your other treatments.

All treatment plans and related activities are coordinated directly with your medical oncologist and other members of your health-care team.


For more information or to schedule an appointment with naturopathic services, please call: 206-386-3015.