Eligibility for Clinical Trials

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At one time, clinical trials were considered a “last resort” in cancer treatment. Today, with so many types of treatment combinations being tested, patients with “common” cancers often participate in Phase II or III clinical trials as part of their initial treatment.

Each study has certain guidelines, and only accepts patients with certain characteristics. These may include age, sex, type and stages of cancer, and what types of treatment, if any, have already been done. It is important for all study participants to have the same characteristics (such as the same type of cancer, for example)

The physicians at the Swedish Cancer Institute participate in numerous cancer-research projects here and throughout the country. A listing of many of the trials that may be available to you can be found on the Swedish Cancer Institute website. You may also contact the Research Department directly at cancerresearch@swedish.org. Please discuss any that are of interest to you with your doctor. Depending on your situation, your doctor may suggest you participate in a clinical trial.