Heart & Vascular Research

Every Research Project at the Heart and Vascular Institute Supports Evidence-Based Medical Standards.

The series of videos below highlights the research programs at Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute.

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SHVI Research Program

The Heart and Vascular Institute has a very unique opportunity to provide care to patients and in that context provided good clinical research. In today's world it's very important to understand that in the evidence based medicine world in which we live that every research project that we do is in that context.

We're doing it so that the new things we're looking at today can become the standard of care tomorrow. These studies are very closely monitored throughout their entire time and that allows us to know what's good for  patients and what's not so good for patients.

The position that Swedish has taken in research has been really very very supportive. Over the years we've been very fortunate to be able to recruit physicians that not only have a focus in clinical medicine but also have a focus in clinical investigation. So it really is the best of both worlds, that you have a physician who is very very directed and motivated in taking care of you, but at the same time wants to be sure that he can offer you all the potential opportunities that are available.

It's through the participation of our patients over the last fifteen years that we have been very successful in helping to bring new technologies to the medical field. Swedish Medical Center has made a very strong commitment to research in different areas but in particular cardiovascular research. The hospital understands the  importance of cardiovascular research and the potential of how that can be integrated into a very comprehensive clinical practice. There are catheters and systems and thoughts being developed now that will revolutionize the way we treat patients over the next five to ten years. All it takes is one or two of these, had a dramatic paradigm shift in how we manage this common problem. Research is not anymore about experimenting on things that we're not sure if they're going to work or not. Oftentimes it's trying to make what we know work work better.

Many of our researchers have actually achieved levels of being recognised at national levels, participating in national conferences and then finally we also do participate in many of the design and the conduct of many of the pharmaceutical trials that are ongoing throughout the world.

It's been a very very rewarding career to see the development of these technologies and these treatments evolve and going forward I have full confidence that that'll be the way these procedures will be performed and I'll have my stamp on having made a contribution to that. We provide our patients with an extensive offering of just not the traditional clinical type of procedures or therapies. We believe we give the patient all the potential opportunities that are available.