Our Services

Our staff of leading physicians, surgeons and health-care professionals provide virtually every medical specialty and subspecialty that a woman requires at every stage of her life.

Breast Health

It is estimated that half of all women in the U.S. will seek consultation for a breast disorder in their lifetime. That's why it is vitally...

Care and Prevention of Heart Disease

Heart disease is just as serious a health threat to women as it is to men. In the United States, more than 28 million women have some form of...

Doula Services

Swedish is proud to offer you the next level of personalized support in your maternity care through the Swedish doula program. The doula’s sole responsibility is to help you have the best possible experience in your pregnancy, during your birth, and in the weeks after your baby is born. 

Gynecologic Surgery

Swedish is the best choice you can make for gynecological surgery. From skilled surgeons and first-class facilities to an experienced nursing...

Gynecology OB/GYN

Find an OB/GYN at Swedish. Our gynecologists provide a full spectrum of care, from routine screenings to postmenopausal health. Learn more today!

High-Risk Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program

The High-Risk Breast and Ovarian Cancer Program is dedicated to identifying individuals who are at high risk of developing breast or ovarian cancer...


Thanks to a rise in routine screening mammograms, more and more breast cancers are being caught in the earliest, most treatable stages. Swedish offers mammography at many locations in the region. Schedule your mammogram today!

Maternal and Fetal Specialty Care

 Maternal and Fetal Specialty Care helps women who are going through high-risk pregnancies.


There are a variety of interventions that can be used to ease these menopause and perimenopause symptoms, including medications, hormones and alternative therapies. Swedish physicians are knowledgeable about all of these options.


At our First Hill, Ballard and Issaquah clinics, our certified nurse-midwives partner with you to create the most personalized childbirth experience possible - one that best reflects your personal, cultural and spiritual beliefs.


Are you at risk for osteoporosis? At Swedish, there are specialists on staff who can help you with diagnosis and treatment. family medicine,...

Pelvic Health

Your pelvic health is just as important as every other aspect of your health. There’s no shame if you struggle with incontinence or another...

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Every year more babies are born at Swedish than at any other health system in Western Washington. Helping you have your baby your way is one reason...