Healthcare Navigation

Mattie smiling at camera

Meet Our Senior Program Coordinator for Transgender Healthcare Navigation: Mattie Mooney (they/them/theirs)

Mattie is a local trans non-binary leader and organizer in the fight for increased healthcare access for the trans and gender diverse community. They believe that many solutions to issues within the trans and gender diverse community lie with trans and gender diverse folks. They state, “It’s important to rely on our own voices to share and support our own needs. It’s also important for institutions to rely on trans and gender diverse experiences to inform policy, healthcare, social services, education and economic needs.”

Mattie also shares, “When we talk about inclusion, it means giving marginalized folks the opportunity, space and safety to share what their needs are, and how you may or may not have been meeting them historically. Additionally, it’s critical for allied people and organizations to use their own privilege and access to support marginalized communities in meeting those needs. Feeling like a space is actively and genuinely inclusive means also seeing yourself and your lived experience reflected in the care and support you receive; which is why I am excited to be a part of advocating for and supporting the needs of my community through this program.”

Swedish Transgender & Gender Diverse Healthcare Navigation Services

Swedish offers Healthcare Navigation Services for Swedish patients who are looking for support in accessing gender affirming services, treatments, and providers. These services are a crucial step to making sure that our transgender and gender diverse patients are receiving relevant, competent and equitable access to medical care, wrap around services and resources. Healthcare Navigation support is available to all Swedish patients. This includes new patients who are looking to establish care with a Swedish health care provider.

We support our transgender and gender diverse patients by:

  • Connecting Swedish patients to gender affirming PCPs, surgeons, mental health and specialty providers – both in the Swedish system and to other partners
  • Providing Swedish patients information about social services (food, housing, financial assistance, ID doc support, legal referrals, support groups and community events) resources

What to expect:

  • You will receive either a phone call, email or MyChart message within 14 business days
  • A follow up with relevant resources
  • Check-ins as requested by the patient to ensure a safe, supportive and affirming experience
  • All concerns and needs are addressed promptly and as they arise

Our Healthcare Navigation team does not provide clinical advice or crisis support.

Connect with our Healthcare Navigation services in the following ways:

  • Send an email
  • Swedish Provider Referral (Internal to Swedish Providers): REF55SWG -- Ambulatory Referral to Swedish Transgender Healthcare Navigator
  • Phone: 253-231-0888