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Making it Official – Your Baby’s Birth Certificate

,p>Every newborn comes with a little paperwork. You will need to complete the Washington state birth certificate form to get a birth certificate for your baby. Please print the form, read it carefully, complete the mother’s and father’s information sections and bring it with you when you come to the hospital. The information for your baby will be filled in after birth.

Why have a birth certificate?

Your baby’s birth certificate is a legal document. It’s necessary for identification, applying for a passport, verifying age and citizenship, enrolling in school, applying for a social security number and for public assistance.

Do I have to fill out the entire worksheet?

Some portions will need to wait until after the baby’s birth, but otherwise, yes – it must be filled out completely. Your personal information is strictly confidential; we won’t share it with your name and address attached. And rest assured that confidentiality of birth data is guaranteed by state law.

How do I complete the mother’s name section?

Put in your first, middle and last names as they were at your birth. Please do not use your married name or put your maiden name as your middle name.

What if I’m an unmarried parent?

If you’re not married and would like the father’s information listed on the birth certificate, please ask for and complete a paternity acknowledgment form. If you choose not to do this, the father’s information on your baby’s birth certificate will appear as “None Named.” Read the instructions before filling out the form. Complete the form within 10 days of the baby’s birth to avoid a $15 fee.

How do I get a Social Security Number (SSN) for my baby?

The easiest way is to mark on the birth certificate worksheet that you want Swedish to apply for your child’s SSN, and you’ll receive the SSN card in the mail in about four to six weeks. If you want to apply for it on your own, mark “yes” that you need a letter of verification. Then take that letter of verification plus a certified birth certificate to your local Social Security office and apply for your baby’s SSN. You should receive one about six weeks later. If you don’t get one by then, follow up with that office directly.

How do I get a Certified Birth Certificate?

Swedish cannot provide you with a birth certificate, but you can request one from the Seattle-King County Department of Health Vital Statistics. Complete the order form and return it along with the required fee per copy. If you don’t have an order form, call 206-296-4768 to ask for one.