Discharge Process

A happy send-off from Swedish.

When your doctor has determined that you’re ready, you’ll be discharged from the hospital. And unless your baby is in the NICU or needs additional care, she’ll be going home with you.

If you have a vaginal delivery, you can expect to stay at the hospital for 24 to 48 hours following birth. If you have a C-section, you can expect to stay a little longer, typically two or three days. During this time you’ll be resting and learning how to care for yourself and your new baby. Your provider will make sure your body is healing well and ready for life at home.

Prepare for with some handy (and necessary) supplies, such as heavy-flow sanitary pads for lochia. You’ll receive a peri-bottle for cleansing your perineal area after using the toilet, and possibly a prescription for pain relievers and stool softeners.

Before you head home, a nurse will make sure you understand how to care for your yourself and your baby in the coming days.

Your hospital wristband will be checked to make certain that it matches your baby’s. Your partner, friend or family member must drive you home, as you should not drive yourself for several days (longer if you’ve had a C-section). By Washington state law, your baby will need to be in an approved car seat, properly installed. Please note that Swedish staff cannot place your baby in the car seat or make any adjustments to it.