TeleEEG: Interpretation of Off-site EEG Data

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EEG Interpretation by a Highly Trained Expert no Matter Where You Live

The technology for each Swedish telehealth program is customized to the services and needs of the patients and their physicians. Instead of video conferencing, the TeleEEG program provides hospitals and individual physicians access to Swedish’s secure computer network to upload electroencephalograms (EEG) for interpretation by neurology specialists at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute.

An EEG measures electrical activity in the brain and is used to help diagnose many different medical conditions. Many facilities have the capability to complete the EEG; however, interpreting the EEG requires the skills and expertise of an epileptologist – a specialist who is not usually available at a community hospital or in rural areas of the state. Neonatal EEG interpretations require an even greater degree of specialty that is usually only available at a regional medical center, such as Swedish.

The Swedish TeleEEG program maintains the convenience of locally performed EEGs, while speeding up the interpretation process so the results can be communicated more quickly to the patient’s physician and treatment can begin that much sooner.


  • Eliminates distances
  • Reduces traffic tie-ups for patients 
  • Helps ensure physicians have reliable information in a timely manner so they can offer their patients the best treatment possible