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Cardiac Surgery

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As the highest volume cardiac surgery program in the Greater Seattle area, Swedish has performed more than 46,000 heart surgeries. We have a long, proud tradition of heart surgery in Seattle.

Dedicated Cardiac Specialists and Team

  • 4 dedicated cardiac surgeons who specialize in cardiac surgery, and that’s all they do – they do not perform thoracic or vascular surgery
  • 8 dedicated, full-time cardiac surgery physician assistants, each with an average of 11 years experience
  • 10 intensivists for ICU, double-boarded in pulmonary and ICU medicines
  • 30 cardiologists who see patients simultaneously so that at any given time the patient is seen daily by the cardiologist, cardiac surgeon and physician assistant
  • 7 board cardiac anesthesiologists who are TEE-certified (Trans-Esophageal Echocardiography) which means they’ve had extensive training, testing and certification which sets them apart from other cardiac anesthesiologists
  • Experienced OR and office staff has extensive overall experience with minimal turnover.

Robust Minimally Invasive Surgery Program

Established in 2008, the minimally invasive surgery program at Swedish is strategically integrated with our robotic heart surgery program. Every heart patient at Swedish is a candidate for minimally invasive surgery until proven otherwise. This is important since these patients are less likely to have blood transfusions and benefit from a much faster recovery than traditional open-heart patients.

Personal Care

Swedish provides a high level of personal care that is exceptionally patient-friendly.

Preferred Hospital for High Risk Patients

Swedish is known as the go-to cardiac surgery program for high-risk patients.