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96% of people who hire a Swedish birth doula would recommend the service to other expecting parents  

What people are saying about Swedish Birth Doula Services

“[Our Swedish doula] was a perfect addition to our team and very much empowered my husband to be a great birthing partner and also enjoy the process by relieving a good deal of pressure off of him. We were so thankful to have her with us and highly recommend her to anyone! Worth every penny.”

“I was fairly certain I wanted to get a doula but hearing about the Swedish program solidified our decision. This was a great experience for me from start to finish.  I now highly recommend doulas to people who are expecting and feel extra fortunate to have had access to the Swedish Doula Program. Having doulas vetted and being able to touch base with [the program coordinator] as first steps to this process made it easy and not daunting, which is how I felt when initially looking at doulas on my own.”

“[My Swedish doula] provided support that I didn't even know I needed. She took the pressure off feeling like my husband and I had to figure out labor alone. [Our doula] knew when to make suggestions or offer advice that we greatly benefited from. No part of the experience felt overwhelming because I always felt like I had options provided to me and was in capable hands.”

“[Our Swedish doula] was absolutely amazing. During my pregnancy, she was there to answer any questions I had and she checked on me frequently. I wanted to labor unmedicated for as long as possible and she definitely helped me get as far as I did. She was supportive and reassuring. Even after having the epidural, her presence was pivotal in my labor progressing. She stayed with us every step of the way. Once we got home, she continued to check on us, making sure we were doing well with a new baby. She also checked on my emotional well being which was great. I can't sing her praises high enough.”

“I was hesitant to hire a doula but my husband convinced me since our goal was a med-free birth. It was the best decision we made! The best part of having a Swedish doula present was that it empowered me and freed my husband to be present for the birth in his own way. This was invaluable! I have already recommended Swedish and the Swedish Doula service to others. I'm a convert!”

“[Our Swedish doula] was so professional and also very caring. She took much of the stress out of anticipating the birth. Having her coach us through coping mechanisms and having her patient and guiding hands during the delivery was a huge help to both me and my husband. It was nice knowing that the doulas had been vetted through Swedish and that they are matched with the needs of each couple. I think it was a great value and I recommend it to all my pregnant friends.”

“Our doula was incredible. The doctor and nurses changed but she was with us throughout the entire experience. The doctor and nurses were primarily concerned about our baby and the labor process, however our doula was able to focus on what I needed and assist in making sure my needs were met as well as keep me motivated and confident throughout my labor.  I always felt supported with my doula by my side and I was able to have the birth experience I wanted because of her.”

“I planned on delivering at Swedish Ballard and was considering hiring a doula. Once I was informed that Swedish had their own doula program I thought I would give them a try. I'm glad I did! My delivery at Swedish Ballard with my doula made my birth experience a great one! I could not have obtained my goal of natural childbirth without her. As a first time mother it was so nice to have the additional support during and after labor.”