Postpartum Doula Services

At Swedish, we know the months after the arrival of a new baby can be both joyful and extremely challenging. Our postpartum doulas provide in-home care to create a strong foundation for the child and the family’s life together.

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What can a postpartum doula do for you?

Swedish postpartum doulas craft their services based on your needs. They generally provide services in your home for four-hour daytime appointments or eight-hour overnight appointments. Some of the things that our doulas do:

  • Provide guidance for newborn feeding and milk expression
  • Demonstrate techniques for soothing and caring for your baby
  • Enable recovery and recuperation from labor and birth
  • Develop family sleep strategies
  • Care for the baby/babies overnight so you can sleep
  • Prepare nourishing meals
  • Do laundry, dishwashing, light housekeeping and other household tasks
  • Assist with older siblings
  • Support plans of care recommended by medical practitioners
  • Give emotional support as you adjust
  • Recognize signs of postpartum health and mood complications and offer resources

What sets Swedish postpartum doulas apart?

Postpartum doulas contracted with Swedish are selected through a rigorous application process and held to high standards. Each one must have a background check; be Infant First Aid/CPR certified; carry professional liability insurance; be fully vaccinated; complete food handler training; and receive regular continuing education and client evaluations, including an annual review with the administration team.

Postpartum doula packages and costs

See a list of packages and costs.

You have the option to choose an apprentice, experienced or advanced postpartum doula to provide you doula services.

Apprentice postpartum doula

Swedish Apprentice Postpartum Doulas have completed a doula training course and are working toward completion of certification requirements. Swedish apprentice doulas receive mentorship from Swedish certified and advanced doulas.

Experienced postpartum doula

Swedish Experienced Postpartum Doulas have worked with at least five families. Many have years of experience and engage in continuing education to maintain their knowledge and skills. Some experienced doulas offer specialized services such as placenta encapsulation, advanced lactation education and sleep coaching.

Advanced postpartum doula

Swedish Advanced Postpartum Doulas have considerable experience in their field and have supported a diverse spectrum of families through many unique experiences. Many of our advanced postpartum doulas offer specialized services such as placenta encapsulation, advanced lactation education and sleep coaching. In addition, some of these doulas teach classes to other doulas.

Selecting your postpartum doula

To start the process of hiring a Swedish portpartum doula or to find out more information, please call our office or fill out our online contact form.

We will review the information you provide over the phone or through the form regarding preferred skills, experience level and personality characteristics in a doula. Based on your preferences, we will make recommendations of doulas who have availability for your due date. You can then review these doulas’ profiles on the Swedish website to determine which ones you would like to interview. Alternatively, you can review profiles in advance and the program staff can let you know which ones have availability for your due date.