Donate Doula Care for a Low-Income Family

Nearly a third of families birthing at Swedish are low-income and receive their care through state-funded insurance. Many of these families would benefit greatly from having a doula, but are not able to cover the cost of hiring one. Swedish has established a fund to provide doula support free of charge to low-income patients. 

The Swedish Doula Program itself dedicates all proceeds above administrative costs to this fund. If you would like to donate and help sponsor a low-income family to receive doula care, click the link below.

Donate to Provide Doula Care for a Low-Income Family 
When you are on the donation page, please type in the comment box: “Please direct my donation to Swedish Doula Services for low-income families."

All contributions are tax-deductible. 100% of your donation will be used to fund doula services for a family that would not be able to afford it on their own.

Learn more about our program to provide doula support to low-income patients in this KING-5 video.