Black Birth Empowerment Initiative

BBEI (pronounced “Bay”) is a component of the Swedish Doula Program that seeks to honor Black lives by centering and uplifting the Black birth experience with culturally congruent doula care.

The Black Birth Empowerment Initiative provides doula care created for us by us to empower Black/African American clients for delivery and after their baby arrives.

BBEI was created to address the disparities in the black community including disproportionately higher prenatal complications, stillbirths, postpartum complications, and increased mortality rates for both the mother and child. 

BBEI is for all Black/African American Birthing parents at all Swedish Birth Centers – First Hill, Issaquah and Edmonds.

For our community:

  • Swedish Doula Program doing the necessary work to ensure change for birth justice.

For our Black/African-American clients:

  • We see YOU
  • Having the option of a doula that looks like you
  • You receive all the care in our birth doula package
  • The option of postpartum care package with touchpoints tailored specifically to Black/African-American clients for the 42 days following birth
  • Resources and Questions to Ask Your Provider created for our Black/African-Clients 

For our Black/African-American Doulas:

  • Black doulas have and are entitled to a safe space within this program and you have someone who is 100% for you.
  • Any Black doula that chooses to come work with the Swedish Doula Program will be coming into the community of Black doulas we have.
  • Mentorship available through our Affinity Team centered around our ancestral work that we are called to do, not what White America has defined as doula work.
  • Group therapy provided to the Black/African-American doulas for a healthy debrief process  

BBEI has an Affinity Team made up of Black/African-American doulas and allies that meets regularly to:

  • Create community for African-American doulas in the Swedish Doula Program
  • Make sure the BBEI mission is realized
  • Advise the Equity & Community Engagement Lead of the Swedish Doula Program, who oversees BBEI. 


Private Insurance clients

Medicaid clients

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