Example Interview Questions for a Birth Doula

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It’s often best to begin an interview by telling the doula a bit about yourself and your partner if applicable, what your hopes are for your labor & delivery, and why you are interested in doula care. Following are some questions you may then want to ask the doula to get a sense of whether s/he might be a good fit for you. 
  1. What would you describe as your strengths as a doula?
  2. What specific types of support and/or techniques do you use to help me move through labor? 
  3. How will you work with my partner through this process? (If applicable.)
  4. What do you typically cover in the prenatal meetings we have prior to labor?
  5. At what point in labor will you come and join me?
  6. What do you typically cover in the postnatal meeting after delivery?
  7. What are your back-up arrangements in case you are at another birth when I go into labor?
  8. If we decide to hire you, what are our next steps?

Questions to consider after a birth doula interview

These questions might be helpful as you reflect on your interview(s) to determine which doula is the right fit for your family. 
  1. How comfortable was I with the doula? 
  2. Did the doula communicate well with me and my family? 
  3. What was the doula’s knowledge level? Were my questions answered thoroughly? 
  4. If there are unexpected situations, do I feel confident that the doula can offer what I'll need to make decisions that are right for me? 
  5. What does my intuition tell me about whether this is the right doula to nurture me and my family through my birth experience? 

Adapted from DONA International “Hiring a Doula: Guide for Parents” Accessed 5/4/17