Compassionate Care Bereavement Doula Services

Hearing bad news about your baby is one of the hardest experiences an expecting parent can have. You may be feeling intense emotions such as sadness or anger, or you may feel numb or in shock. At Swedish, we recognize that this is not an experience most people are prepared to face or plan for. That’s why we offer you the services of a doula specially trained in accompanying you through this experience.  

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A doula provides emotional, logistical and physical support to:  

  • Help you understand your choices for the delivery of your baby and the time after they are born  
  • Be by your side through the hospital stay  
  • Share approaches other families have found helpful when faced with similar circumstances  
  • Give you space to express the emotions you have  
  • Connect you to other resources  
  • Support you once you leave the hospital 

The specific services include the following:  

  1. Meet with you prior to the birth to discuss delivery preferences and plans for immediately after the birth  
  2. Be with you at the hospital during the birth of the baby  
  3. Support you at the hospital in the time after the baby is born  
  4. Drop off of a warm meal to share once you get home  
  5. Meet with you to process and check-in, up to five times after the birth  
  6. Connect you with other resources that may be helpful to you  
  7. Provide phone and email support for a year after your baby is born  

If you are facing the death or an uncertain outcome for your baby, this service is funded by gifts from other families to the Swedish Foundation at no charge to you. Families have the option of accepting or declining any of the components at any time.  

For more information, please contact the doula office at 206-215-6106.

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