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For patients with any type of sarcoma, the Swedish Cancer Institute offers the skills of highly trained physicians and other cancer specialists, as well as the latest and best technology and a multidisciplinary approach to care, to ensure the best possible outcomes. All Swedish sarcoma patients benefit from Swedish’s leading-edge imaging and diagnostic techniques, state-of-the-art treatment options and our wide selection of high-quality support services.

Because of the rarity of each type of sarcoma, it is important for patients to be treated in specialty centers such as Swedish with access to clinical research studies.


Soft tissue sarcomas are a group of cancers arising from fibrous tissue, fat cells, skeletal muscle, smooth muscle, blood vessels, lymph vessels, nervous tissue, bone, mesenchymal cells and cartilage. There are over 70 subtypes of soft tissue sarcomas; they vary from benign tumors that can be cured by surgery to malignant cancers that need to be treated with surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Sarcomas comprise 3 percent of all cancers in adults and 7 percent of cancers in children. 


Soft tissue sarcomas most commonly present as a painless mass that grows over time, although some can present with discomfort. 


Radiologic scans such as CT and MRI, as well as PET/CT are used for diagnosis. Patients undergo a biopsy – a sampling of the mass - by an interventional radiologist or a surgeon to diagnose the specific type of soft tissue sarcoma. This sample is analyzed using multiple tests by a pathologist specializing in soft tissues.


An individualized treatment plan may include a combination of the following:

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Research and Clinical Trials

If your physician believes you are a good candidate to participate in a clinical trial evaluating a new treatment or more effective combinations of treatments — and you agree — you will have access to the very latest in research treatments.

At any given time, the Swedish Cancer Institute offers patients more than 140 clinical-research studies involving most types of cancers.  Additionally, our physician specialists collaborate with other regional and national research groups, including  Southwest Oncology Group, National Cancer Institute, Puget Sound Oncology Consortium and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Education and Support for Patients and Families

Beyond physical health, the Swedish Cancer Institute is committed to the emotional well-being of our patients and their families. We offer:

Complementary therapies include:

See Patient Support and Resources and Services for the Body, Mind and Spirit at Swedish.

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