Calypso 4D Localization System for Prostate Cancer

This system was developed in part through the collaborative effort of Seattle's Calypso Medical Technologies and the SCI. The SCI was the first cancer-care program in the world to give prostate-cancer patients commercial access to this precision-guided radiation therapy system.

GPS for the Body®

Wireless miniature Beacon® electromagnetic transponders  work with the Calypso® 4D Localization System™ to provide guidance to the clinician on the position and movement of the prostate during radiotherapy. Clinicians use the motion data to guide radiation therapy setup and monitor the prostate position during treatment delivery.

rad_Calypso_system_beacon_200 rad_Calypso_imp_200

Tiny electromagnetic sensors are implanted in the prostate tumor before radiation treatment. Using 4D, the Calypso system provides real-time feedback about the tumor location.


This allows the radiation oncologist to continually pinpoint the tumor with greater accuracy during treatment.

News Release

January 30, 2007
Swedish Cancer Institute First in the World to Offer GPS for the Body to Assist with Precision-Guided Prostate Cancer Treatments