Specialist Types

Colorectal Surgeons

Colorectal surgeons are physicians who specialize in performing procedures and surgeries for colon and rectal conditions and diseases including colorectal cancer. Our Swedish colorectal surgeons are all board-certified and highly experienced in colorectal cancer surgery as well as screening and diagnosis.

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Genetic Cancer Counselor

A genetic counselors is a health professional with specialized training in genetics, medicine, risk assessment and counseling. At the Swedish Herediatry Clinic, a board-certified genetic counselor meet individuals concerned about the risk of an inherited cancer predisposition, analyze medical and family histories and discuss options for genetic testing and for preventive screening and treatments. The genetic counselor works closely with oncologists, surgeons and other cancer specialists to help integrate the genetic-test results into patient care and surveillance for cancer.

Medical Oncologists

Medical oncologists are physicians who specialize in treating cancer with a variety of cancer-fighting drugs and treatment protocols, including chemotherapy and targeted therapy.

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A physiatrist, or physician specializing in rehabilitation medicine, helps restore optimal function and quality of life to people who as a result of illness or injury have reduced ability to participate in everyday activity. An onco-physiatrist is a rehabilitation physician sub-specializing in cancer rehabilitation.

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The psychiatrists are physicians who specialize in the assessment and care of emotional and thinking problems that may arise with cancer, medications, side effects, pain and other stresses. Their practice focuses on cancer-related problems, especially those caused by or interfering with your care.

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Radiation Oncologists

Radiation oncologists are physicians who specialize in the use of radiation therapy to treat cancer.

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