Breast Cancer

Welcome to the Swedish Cancer Institute (SCI). We know a diagnosis of breast cancer can be overwhelming. That’s why we help guide our patients on their unique journey, never forgetting that cancer care is highly personal. We believe in compassionate care that uses the latest technology and individualized treatment for the best possible outcome.

When you walk through our doors, we will meet you where you are – whether you are diagnosed at Swedish, arrive knowing your diagnosis or are in the midst of treatment. We will be with you every step of the way, answering all of your questions, taking care of the smallest of details and helping you make crucial decisions.

Why Choose Swedish?

The Swedish Cancer Institute cares for nearly 7,000 new cancer patients each year, and breast cancer is the most common cancer we treat. Many breast cancer patients choose SCI because of our:

  • Patient-centered, collaborative care led by an array of breast cancer specialists, including dedicated breast surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists
  • Expansive treatment options; Swedish was the first in the nation to offer microseed treatment and we are currently studying and utilizing methods to minimize long term repercussions of treatment
  • Timely access for women seeking mammograms and other imaging services
  • Teams of specialists at multiple locations for convenient full-service care close to home or work
  • Our highly popular support services, including rehabilitation, nutrition and naturopathy
  • Social workers, who are experienced at helping patients with insurance, finances and services for day-to-day living and coping with their diagnosis
  • Access to many clinical trials, some of which are only available in the Pacific Northwest at Swedish
  • Commitment to survivorship services and support for patients so they can transition with confidence back to daily life

A Personal Commitment

No patient is alone at the Swedish Cancer Institute. There are helping hands everywhere to help you on your journey. Our highly educated and knowledgeable doctors are personally dedicated to developing personal relationships with their patients and providing support during a challenging time. 

Please make an appointment with SCI if you are concerned with an abnormality and need a screening mammogram, or have already been diagnosed and want to be treated. For more information about breast cancer click here. For questions and to schedule a consultation, please call 206-215-6400

Breast Cancer Screening

Are you at risk for breast cancer? Our specialists help you understand your risk and what screening plan is best for you. 

Clinical Trials

With decades of clinical experience and research by leading scientific minds, SCI offers groundbreaking cancer treatment and evidence-based care.