CUPW Admission Instructions

Chemically Using Pregnant Women’s Program - Ballard Campus

Swedish Addiction Recovery - Ballard

What to Pack

Luggage limited to 1 medium sized suit case (carry-on size) and a purse or small book bag.  Anything more will not be allowed.

1 week of season-appropriate clothing, including:

  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Modest and casual clothing
  • Laundry facilities on the unit are available for each patient one day per week

Basic Toiletries

  • No perfumed or strongly fragranced products
  • No high content alcohol products such as mouth wash
  • Curling iron and/or blow dryer OK
  • No hair dye, fingernail polish and/or remover

What NOT to bring:

  • No cell phone (if needed during transit, it can be stored at facility during stay)
  • No tobacco products including e-cigarettes (we offer nicotine patches)
  • No food, candy, or beverages (we have a great menu)
  • Controlled substances, alcohol, drugs, weapons
  • Any of the above items cannot be stored during your stay—do not bring them
  • Valuables, including cash over $20

Other items that may be helpful:

  • Your own pillow (limit 1) or small blanket if they help you sleep better
  • A calling card if you need to dial out of the 206 area code

Please enter through the Emergency Room Entrance.

The registration desk will give you your paperwork and send you to us on the 5th floor.

PLEASE call us if your plans change as we need to plan accordingly.  (206) 781-6209, option 2.