Treatment for Pregnant Women with Chemical Dependency

Chemically Using Pregnant Women’s Program - Ballard Campus

Swedish Addiction Recovery - Ballard

Pregnant women with chemical dependency are treated at our Chemically Using Pregnant Women’s Program  at Swedish Ballard.  Our program is only for pregnant women and focuses on their particular needs. The program has been serving pregnant women in the northwest for more than 25 years.

Who Qualifies for Help

We care for women in any stage of pregnancy using any substance; drug or alcohol. We accept all major medical insurance and Medicare, but medical insurance is not required for admission. 


Treatment includes three to five days of medical detoxification/stabilization, followed by an intensive treatment program. Our program is a Level 3.5 inpatient treatment program as defined by the American Society of Addiction Medicine. The program involves 26 days of inpatient treatment. This includes:

  • Daily walks
  • Education on addiction and recovery
  • Education on smoking cessation, blood borne pathogens, birth control and sexually transmitted diseases
  • Intensive case management and aftercare planning
  • Family involvement
  • Education on parenting, childbirth and breastfeeding
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Co-Dependents Anonymous meetings
  • 24-hour nursing care
  • A low counselor to patient ratio
  • Individualized treatment planning
  • Evidenced-based treatment including Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Seeking Safety
  • Individualized spiritual care for grief, loss and shame issues
  • Groups on codependency, stress management, processing feelings, meditation, spiritual care, relapse prevention and relationships


Substance Abuse Treatment 

Our clinical staff specializes in women's issues and substance abuse treatment and offers individual and group therapy on a daily basis. Case management, referrals and coordination with community resources are also provided. Group therapy is provided daily on a variety of topics, including relapse prevention, physical and psychological trauma, HIV education, drug education, parenting, and stress management. In addition, our program offers couples counseling and family education. When indicated, opioid agonist maintenance is used as an adjunct to treatment.


The counseling team works diligently to secure sober housing and further treatment for all of our patients after treatment. If patients are returning to friends or family, a family session with a Going Home Contract is initiated to ensure clear communication and expectations. Many patients chose to continue on to long-term treatment, and the team initiates the process while they are in treatment. We refer to the Parent Child Assistance Project, Public Health, OBGYNs, intensive outpatient, inpatient, mental health agencies, DSHS. 

24 hour nursing care

Nursing care is supportive to encourage patient’s recovery and includes:

  • fetal non-stress tests in pregnancies over 32 weeks
  • routine obstetric care
  • daily vital signs
  • medication management
  • arrangement of aftercare obstetric appointments

Supportive Professional Team

Our patients have the following professionals available: respiratory care professional, board certified chaplain, registered nurses, board certified addiction doctors and chemical dependency professionals, psychiatrists, phlebotomists, dentists, ultrasound technicians, dietitians, family educators and referrals to maternal fetal medicine if a high risk pregnancy is indicated.

Parenting and Childbirth Education

Our patients learn the basics about childbirth including coping techniques, pain medication options, cesarean birth, and strategies for advocating for themselves in the healthcare system. The parenting curriculum focuses on infancy and early childhood. Patients are encouraged to integrate recovery principles into building parenting skills.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Nicotine patch, methadone and subutex are prescribed as appropriate.

Obstetric Evaluation and Care 

Obstetric evaluations and examinations are performed by physicians specializing in the care of substance-abusing women. Routine ultrasounds are performed.

Additional Information

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