Financial Assistance

Swedish Medical Center’s mission is to improve the health and well-being of each person we serve. A crucial part of fulfilling this mission is our financial assistance (charity care) program. This program offers free or discounted services for those who cannot afford care, are underinsured or have no insurance at all. The program provides financial assistance in cases where annual family income is between zero and 400 percent of the federal poverty level, and ensures that financial constraints are not a barrier to receiving medically necessary care.

Financial Counseling

Financial Counseling will work with patients needing help with paying medical bills. Learn more about Financial Counseling.

Financial Assistance Sliding Scale

Calculate what you might qualify for based on income and family size. View the sliding scale.

Learn about our financial assistance program, what is covered and how to apply for help paying your medical bill.

Download the Financial Assistance Policy

The financial assistance policy is also available in the following translations:

The plain language summary describes the Swedish financial assistance policy, other coverage options and where to get help for care received at Swedish.

Download the Plain Language Summary

The plain language summary is also available in the following translations:

No person eligible for financial assistance under our financial assistance policies will be charged more for emergency or medically necessary hospital care than the amounts general billed to people with insurance covering such care. Understand how the amounts generally billed are calculated.

Learn More About Amounts Generally Billed

The following listings include providers who follow the Swedish financial assistance policy:

NOTE: Providers that do not follow the hospital’s financial assistance policy may have their own financial assistance policies, so please contact the provider directly if you have any questions regarding their policies.