Surgical team during surgery
More than 30 surgeons operate at the Ballard campus of Swedish, performing more than 250 surgical procedures each month. They are assisted by nurses who are consistently recognized for their personalized, one-on-one care — care that doesn't end when you go home. Even after surgery, our nurses call you at home to assess your recovery and address any problems that may have occurred.

We will call you the day before your surgery to confirm the time you need to arrive at the medical center. To check in for surgery at Swedish Ballard (map), report to the Presurgical Center admitting area on the third floor.

To get there from the third level of the parking garage, cross the skybridge to the medical center. Once inside, turn right and proceed down the hallway through the double doors. The first office on the left is the Presurgical Center.

To get to the Presurgical Center from the Tallman Avenue Northwest entrance, go through the main entrance and walk straight ahead to the "B" elevators. Take the elevator up to the third floor, turn left and left again, and walk through the double doors. The Presurgical Center is the first office on your left.

Once you're checked in, you will change into a hospital gown. Your clothes will be stored and labeled in individual bags while you are in surgery. A nurse will take your blood pressure and temperature, review your medical history and plan for your care.

Before your surgery, you will be moved to the Preoperative Care area in the operating room. Your anesthesiologist will review your medical history and will meet with you before your procedure to discuss the anesthetic technique that is right for you.

While you're in surgery, your family can wait for you in the surgery waiting room. Please designate one family member or friend to make any phone calls to the Day Surgery Department and ask that person to keep other friends and family members informed of your recovery. This decreases confusion and allows your nurse to spend more time with you. After your surgery, the doctor will meet with your family to discuss the results of the procedure.

You will wake up in the Post-Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) after surgery. The nursing staff will closely monitor your recovery from anesthesia. You will be given pain medication as necessary. After the anesthesiologist has released you from the PACU, you will be moved to the Postoperative Care area, where you will be transferred to a recliner chair and offered something to drink.

Written postoperative instructions will be given to you by your nurse before you are discharged. You must have a responsible adult accompany you at the time of discharge. You will not be allowed to drive yourself home. A taxi cab may be taken if you are accompanied by a responsible adult.