Diagnosis And Treatment

Heart disease is often a silent killer – especially in women. In fact, two in three women who die from a heart attack show no symptoms prior to the attack.

The good news is with advanced diagnostics, doctors are able to detect coronary-artery disease in its earliest stages.

The Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute gives you access to the full range of diagnostic tools, including those that have proven most accurate in detecting heart disease in women:

  • Stress echocardiograms
  • Nuclear-stress tests
  • Angiography
  • EBT (electron-beam tomography)


The three most common treatment options for heart disease – lifestyle change, medication and surgery – can help most people successfully manage and live with their conditions. Every year, thousands of women trust their hearts to the Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute. We are the state's largest and most comprehensive source for advanced cardiac care, offering a full range of leading-edge treatments.



Changing your diet, exercise, not smoking and other habits can help slow or eliminate some of the factors that contribute to heart disease. With Swedish’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program you'll find all the support you need for getting your heart back to good health from dietary counseling to exercise programs.


There are many drugs that treat the variety of causes of heart disease. Most people recovering from heart failure will take a combination of medications to manage their conditions. The Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute offers women with heart disease a full spectrum of medical therapies, including cholesterol-lowering drugs, blood-pressure-lowering medications, and hormone-replacement therapy.

Surgical and interventional options

In cases where a correctable problem exists, such as a blocked valve or clogged artery, surgery or an interventional procedure may be in order. The Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute offers the reassurance of a national reputation. Whether performing a quintuple bypass or a minimally invasive procedure, heart surgeons at Swedish are widely recognized for their experience and skill.