Swedish Vein Center

Resolve the pain, fatigue, and cosmetic concerns of vein problems with a team of specialized doctors at the Swedish Vein Center.

Swedish’s board certified vascular surgeons offer state-of-the art equipment and methods to diagnose and treat spider veins, varicose veins, and other vein conditions. A number of highly effective minimally invasive treatments can be done right in the doctor’s office with little or no pain, short recovery times, and with positive results. Our specialist team will craft a personalized care plan to combat unsightly, uncomfortable veins in your legs so you can get back to wearing shorts and enjoying a more active lifestyle! 

The Swedish difference

The board certified vascular surgeons at the Swedish Vein Center focus on treating the underlying medical causes of spider and varicose veins, not just what you see on the surface. Our goal is to develop an individualized care plan that leaves you looking and feeling your best now and into the future. The Swedish Vein Center also has the benefit of being a part of the Swedish system. We share the same medical record as your other Swedish healthcare providers. This allows our providers to seamlessly coordinate your vein treatments with all other aspects of your healthcare, and tailor your treatment to your unique health profile.