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TeleNeurology (Clinic) is a Swedish TeleHealth service that allows neurology specialists at Swedish to consult with physicians in community clinics using remote high-definition, bi-directional video conferencing.

In rural areas patients who need neurology services often must travel outside their communities to see a neurologist. This creates an added burden on both patients and their families. With TeleNeurology (Clinic), patients are able to access a specialist locally, without traveling great distances.

How Does TeleNeurology (Clinic) Work?

This telemedicine program uses digital tools which allow the Swedish neurologist to perform a complete neurologic assessment for a patient at a remote location. The on-site telepresenter, a trained healthcare professional who is with the patient, assists with the examination. Once the exam is complete, the Swedish neurologist is able to create treatment plans and make recommendations. In most cases, the patient’s primary-care provider is able to implement these care plans locally.

About Our Physicians

Swedish has world-class neurologists available to participate in TeleNeurology (Clinic) and to provide advanced treatment options should the patient need a procedure that is not available locally. TeleNeurology (Clinic) offers the fastest and easiest access to a thorough neurological exam for any type of neurological condition, while decreasing or eliminating the burden of travel outside their community for many patients.

The TeleNeurology (Clinic) team includes board-certified, nationally recognized neurologists. In addition to extensive expertise in diagnosing and treating neurological conditions, the TeleNeurology (Clinic) team has added expertise in the study and treatment of neuromuscular diseases, such as Guillain Barré, ALS and carpal tunnel syndrome.