Setting and Achieving Goals

Swedish Weight Loss Services has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. And we want to help you reach your goals in a safe, healthy way. 

Many weight loss programs measure success in numbers: by pounds and waist size. While those figures are important, we also value other factors: 
  • Elevated energy levels
  • More positive outlook
    • Better sleep quality
    • Heightened stamina
    • Improved flexibility
    • Decreased physical pain 
    • Improved medical conditions directly related to weight

    A personalized plan

    We start by getting to know you, your specific goals, challenges, and concerns. If you need assistance pinpointing your goals, we can help. Then we customize a plan that works for you, and give you the tools and strategies to succeed. 

    We collaborate with your primary care physician and other specialists so that everyone is on the same page regarding your care. To help ensure your long-term success, we provide ongoing guidance including:
    • Diet prescription
    • Regular weigh-ins
    • Medical follow-ups
    • Support groups