Our Approach

At Swedish Weight Loss Services, our goal is to help you live a longer healthier life. We want to partner with you on this journey no matter how long it takes.

Our philosophy is to look at the whole person. We care not just about your weight but your mental health and more.

For some, surgery is a critical step in getting healthy through weight loss. However, it’s only one of the many tools you’ll need to be successful. If you decide that surgery is right for you, we’ll teach you how to eat properly and how to develop an exercise plan. You’ll also get ongoing support from our team of physicians, dietitians, and behavior health specialists.

Surgery is not for everyone. For you, the best treatment might be our non-surgical weight loss program. It’s powered by science and a team of compassionate health providers who approach weight loss from a medical perspective, not a fad diet.

Every member of our team is an advocate for those who struggle with weight and weight-related health issues. We believe it’s our responsibility to give all individuals access to quality care and eliminate the bias associated with weight loss surgery.