Where We Perform Surgery

With Five Hospitals, Swedish Gives You Both Convenience and Excellence.

Because Swedish does so many surgeries each year — more than 32,000 — you can take some comfort in knowing that the surgeons, surgical nurses, recovery and in-patient nurses, and the rest of the support team has seen it all. That’s invaluable experience to have on your side should you need care that’s a little out of the ordinary.

The vast majority of surgical procedures performed at Swedish are done on an outpatient basis, where you go home after you’ve recovered from your surgery. Most of these are done at all five Swedish campuses, and you can feel more than confident about the skill of the surgeons and care teams at every location.

Some types of surgeries, such as very complex heart surgery or neurosurgery, are best done by teams who have special expertise, training, and experience. Many of these procedures are performed at one or two Swedish campuses that have dedicated technology, and where the surgical teams have developed deep skill at these specialties.

Procedures Performed at Most Swedish Campuses:

Abdominal Laparoscopic Podiatric
Arthroscopic Lung Prostate
Breast Minimimally invasive Robotic
Colorectal Obstetrical Spine
Ear, nose and throat Oncological (cancer) Thoracic
Eye Oral/maxillofacial Urological
Foot and ankle Orthopedic Vascular
General Otolarygological Weight Loss (bariatric)
Gynecological Pediatric  
Hand Pediatric dentistry  

Hernia Plastic  
Joint Replacement