For Health Professionals

There are two ways that a patient can be seen – either by urgent hospital transfers or by consult/referral in outpatient setting.

Refer a patient - outpatient

Referral Form (PDF)- fax to number on form


through EPIC:

  1. In “Order Entry” tab with open encounter, enter in code AMBR0878 or Ref Structural
  2. Enter encounter diagnoses, i.e.-severe aortic stenosis, severe mitral regurgitation, atrial fibrillation, etc.
  3. In “Referred to:” field please leave either blank or “First Available”
  4. In “Services requested:” field please select “Evaluate and Treat”
  5. For remainder of fields, please complete using your discretion
  6. To continue, select “Accept”
  7. Attach any pertinent diagnosis/diagnoses

Urgent Hospital Transfers

The Swedish Heart & Vascular Institute is a regional resource for tertiary and quaternary care. The Structural Heart and Valve Disease team works closely with the Swedish Transfer Center to coordinate direct admissions, emergency department evaluations and inpatient consultations.

To request an urgent transfer for a patient with a structural heart or valve disease condition, a licensed provider should:
1. Call the Swedish Transfer Center at 206-386-6090.
2. Request the patient be evaluated at the Swedish Cherry Hill Campus.
3. Ask the Transfer Center to page the on-call admitting physician for cardiology.

Our intent is to have a smooth and uneventful transfer for patients requiring our services. If there are any issues with an intra-hospital transfer of a structural heart and valve disease patient, please call us or email the medical director