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Will my insurance cover my sleep study?
There are many different types of insurance plans with each having different coverage. We encourage you to check with your insurance company to see if they provide sleep benefits. If they do, your study will most likely be covered at the same percent as other outpatient tests. If pre-authorization is required by your insurance company, our billing specialists will obtain the authorization. If there is a problem getting it, you will be contacted prior to your sleep study.

What questions should I ask my insurance company?

  • Are you contracted with Sleep Medicine Associates?
  • What percentage of the charges will insurance pay for my sleep study?
  • Do I need to meet my deductible before you will pay?
  • How much have I paid on my deductible?
  • Do I need pre-authorization?
    If your insurance company requires pre-authorization, our billing department will work with you and the insurance company to complete the required paperwork.
  • If you still have questions after contacting your insurance company, please do not hesitate to call our billing office at (206) 386-4744.

What bills should I expect to receive after my sleep study?
You may receive up to three separate bills:

  • Physician or clinic charges and sleep-study interpretation charges.
  • Sleep study charges from the sleep lab.
  • Equipment (if ordered by your sleep specialist).