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At Swedish Pediatric Surgery, comprehensive, personalized care for children and their families is our top priority. As board-certified pediatric surgeons, we perform routine surgeries as well as more complex procedures for children and adolescents. We also specialize in neonatal surgeries, collaborating with Swedish obstetricians and neonatologists from the moment the need for surgical care is discovered.

What makes Swedish Pediatric Surgery special is not only the breadth and depth of our experience, but the collaborative approach we take – reviewing and discussing surgical options as a team – to ensure the best outcome for each child. We work with a team of anesthesiologists, hospitalists, nurses, pharmacists, child-life specialists and therapists and are committed to direct dialogue with your referring physician, as well as you and your child. Our primary focus is patient care, with teaching and research an elective second.

Neonatal, childhood and adolescent conditions treated