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Reflux Test Using the Bravo® pH Monitoring System

How does this test work?

This test involves the Bravo® pH capsule, which is a small capsule, approximately the size of a gelcap. This capsule has ALREADY been attached to the inside of the food pipe by your doctor.

For 48 hours, this capsule will measure the amount of acid in the food pipe and send this information to the receiver worn on the waistband, just like a pager or a cell phone. At the end of 48 hours, the capsule will fall off into the stomach and eventually be eliminated in stool.

During the test, you must press the appropriate buttons on the receiver as instructed.

You must also keep a diary of what/when you eat/lie down. Download and print the Bravo diary.

After the test is complete, you must return the receiver and diary to the hospital at the following address:

Gastroenterology Department
1221 Madison Street
5th Floor Arnold Bldg
Seattle, WA 98122

Try to make the two days of the test normal, by doing what you usually do. However, if you know how to bring on symptoms, you are encouraged to do so.

Do not use acid suppressing medications (eg. Zantac/Pepcid, etc. X 3 days prior; Prilosec/Prevacid, etc. X 7 days prior; Tums/Rolaids/Maalox/Mylanta X 1 day prior) unless already approved by Dr. Muir or Dr. Pisharody.

The receiver must always be within three feet of your body, even in the bathroom, but do not allow the receiver to get wet!

If the receiver is too far from the body, or signal is interrupted by other electronics operating at similar frequencies, you will hear a 30-second beep. Immediately move the receiver until the beep stops.

No MRI scans for 30 days after.

Always refer to time show on receiver, not on any other clock/watch.

How to keep a diary

  • Always refer to time shown on receiver, not any other watch/clock
  • Record start and stop times for all drinks/food
  • Record start and stop times for any time you are lying down.
  • Record the start/stop times of any other symptoms, such as cough.