Specialist Types

Palliative Care doctors

Your palliative care doctor has received additional training to become a specialist in this type of care. Our palliative care doctors are board certified.

Nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners have graduated from a nursing program and also completed advanced training to expand the type of care they can provide. They are certified through a national organization and are licensed by the State of Washington.

Registered nurses

Registered nurses are graduates of nursing schools or programs. They are licensed nationally and by the State of Washington. Some nurses have completed additional training to specialize in specific types of care, such as cancer or emergency care.

Social workers

Social workers have special degrees and training to help patients with their social, emotional and environmental problems due to an illness. They are very knowledgeable about resources that are available at Swedish and in the community.

Scheduling coordinators

Our scheduling coordinators help you make your appointments and coordinate your care.