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Many rehabilitation services are available at all four of Swedish’s hospital campuses, Factoria Rehabilitation Services and West Seattle Rehabilitation Services; some are offered in select locations. Each location offers private consultations in a dedicated rehabilitation clinic.

Exercise and Educational Classes and Programs

Exercise and Educational Classes and Programs All instruction is provided by Swedish Rehabilitation Services. Baby your Body – Includes body...

Fall Prevention

To print or download a brochure about Fall Prevention click here.

FAQs about Lymphedema Treatment

What should you know about lymphedema? How do you know if you have lymphedema? What should you do if you think you have lymphedema? Why...

Hand Therapy

Seattle, WA hand, arm and shoulder rehabilitation therapy clinic.

Headache Management

Click here to download and print brochure.


If you suffer from incontinence, the inability to control the bladder or bowel,you are not alone. Incontinence is a very common problem that...

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction Program

If you live with chronic pain, illness or a stress-related medical condition, you may be interested in learning skills that will help you to help...


Spasticity is a condition that can greatly decrease quality of life, physically and emotionally. Many individuals with spasticity experience pain,...

Speech-Language Pathology Services

Seattle area speech language pathologists are specialists who provide evaluation and treatment speech therapy for a variety of speech, language, cognitive communication and swallowing disorders to both adults and children.

Sports & Orthopedic Therapy

Seattle area physical and occupational therapists at Swedish Outpatient Rehabilitation Services offer a complete range of sports therapy and orthopedic rehabilitation services, focusing on the treatment and prevention of athletic injuries or recovery from orthopedic surgery.

Stott Pilates at Swedish Rehab

Get information about the Seattle, WA Cherry Hill Stott Pilates exercise class at Swedish Outpatient Rehabilitation Services.

The Pain Puzzle Class

The Seattle Pain Puzzle class gives you the latest facts about pain and treatment choices that help you heal.

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Find a Seattle King County outpatient rehabilitation clinic that treats conditions related to vestibular disorder.

Women's Health Rehabilitation

The experienced Seattle, WA outpatient rehabilitation therapy team at Swedish Outpatient Rehabilitation Services recognizes the unique health needs of women and is committed to providing highly skilled and personalized services.