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Swedish Orthopedic Institute performs more than 5,000 procedures annually – more joint replacements than any other hospital in Washington State. Many joint-replacement patients enjoy activities they formerly thought impossible – everything from a simple walk with a friend to extended travel. For some, joint-replacement surgery is the start of a whole new life.

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Dedicated teams

At the heart of the joint-replacement program are dedicated treatment teams who provide comprehensive, personalized care for patients from diagnosis through recovery. Our accomplished orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic nurses and other highly trained staff have the expertise to handle a wide variety of joint-replacement needs. The program includes state-of-the-art operating rooms, special orthopedic facilities and tools as well as an extensive inventory of prosthetic devices. Patients who receive replacement joints also benefit after surgery from sophisticated rehabilitation and advanced support services.

Your Joint Journey

The treatment team at the Swedish Orthopedic Institute uses a special care plan specifically for joint-replacement patients. We call this care plan the Joint Journey. This step-by-step plan details a patient's daily routine, from pre-admission and surgery to inpatient recovery and outpatient rehabilitation. Every aspect of a patient's care, from anesthesia to postoperative exercise, is carefully planned and coordinated to ensure the best possible outcome.