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Patients who have suffered a stroke and have been treated at Swedish or those who have been transferred to Swedish from another emergency department can receive follow-up care to help prevent future strokes. During this phase of their care, patients may receive treatment for underlying problems – such as vascular disease or atherosclerosis – that may have been the cause of stroke, as well as access to smoking cessation classes, support groups, nutritional counseling and patient education. The goal is to help patients avoid another stroke.

Our comprehensive approach to stroke care includes:

  • The latest advances, ranging from “clot-busting” drugs to improved techniques for vascular surgery
  • State-of-the-art facilities and the latest technology
  • Exceptional specialists in cardiology and radiology, as well as experts in rehabilitation, nursing and emergency medicine
  • A dedicated, stroke-trained specialist to coordinate the stroke patient’s care

Our physicians and nurses work closely with our stroke patients’ primary-care physicians to coordinate treatment plans and evaluate progress.

Additionally, we place a high priority on research that may lead to shorter hospital stays and speedier recoveries, and may improve the possibility of preventing stroke in the future.