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Surgeries performed by the leaders in the field

Emerging neurosurgical techniques are creating new treatment options for patients and promoting faster recoveries. Patients whose only avenue in the past might have been a highly invasive open surgery can often opt for one of the newer procedures, and resume a normal life in a matter of days.

The surgical specialists at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute are pioneers in new procedures. They have published hundreds of peer-reviewed papers, led research studies, authored textbooks, taught at universities and are instructing others through active fellowship programs. Swedish is also an active research center, and many of our neurosurgeons are involved in neurosurgery research studies.

Most importantly, they are highly experienced practitioners who perform hundreds of surgeries annually. From aneurysms and brain tumors to complex spine and epilepsy procedures, they perform more neurosurgeries than any other program in the region. Their expertise attracts patients from all over the country, drawn by outcomes that are among the top in the nation.

Less-invasive procedures, more effective treatments

If there's a less invasive option for patients, it is likely available through the Swedish Neuroscience Institute. Our surgeons are skilled at:

  • Performing procedures through smaller incisions
  • Employing endoscopic procedures using miniature scopes and cameras
  • Reaching surgical sites via the vascular system, with catheters steered by a magnetic field
  • Irradiating tumors with extreme precision with the region's only CyberKnife®
  • Applying deep brain stimulation through thin electrodes passed through the skull
  • Accessing surgical sites through innovative means such as the nasal cavity
  • Repairing spinal problems through kyphoplasty, vertebroplasty and other minimally invasive techniques

Breakthroughs such as these give patients new hope — patients who might have avoided treatment in the past because of the potential for complications.

A multidisciplinary, multi-specialty approach

The surgeons at the Swedish Neuroscience Institute work in consultation with non-surgical physicians in multidisciplinary teams that ensure no avenue of treatment remains unexplored. With this multidisciplinary approach, surgical patients are reassured that they are receiving what is truly their best option. 

In addition, many of the neurosurgeons sub-specialize in areas such as aneurysms, brain tumors and spinal problems, giving patients the benefit of extensive, highly focused experience.

Facilities and staff devoted exclusively to neurological conditions

The patient experience at Swedish has been designed to be as seamless as possible. From the physicians to the nurses to the clinical staff, patients are involved with experts who provide the reassurance and comfort that neurological patients need. 

Neurosurgical patients receive treatment and care in dedicated operating rooms, ICUs and patient-care units. Social work, counseling and other supportive services are all available under the umbrella of a program devoted exclusively to neurosciences. And the institute also affords access to related services including a pain clinic, cancer care, rehabilitation and the other resources of Swedish Medical Center.