Pediatric Medical Imaging

At Swedish Medical Imaging Centers, we understand that children and adolescents are a special kind of patient. They are often anxious about going to the hospital. Our specially trained team, including Child Life Services, is ready to help them through their imaging experience. We provide an environment specifically designed for kids to help put them at ease.
Their exam is swiftly performed to help minimize their concerns. We also make sure that parents and child understand what is involved in imaging tests. We keep your child's safety in mind at all times and commit to using the lowest amount of radiation possible to produce the best imaging in accordance with Image Gently recommendations. For certain exams, sedation is available by pediatric specialists on the First Hill Campus.
Board certified pediatric radiologists assure the highest level of expertise and oversight when it comes to performing and interpreting images.

Please click on the 100K Children Campaign icon for more information on Safe Imaging for Children, resources and tools.