Aortic Surgery


The Swedish Heart and Vascular Institute is the most comprehensive heart-surgery program in the area, with nationally recognized cardiac surgeons who treat the full spectrum of heart problems, including aortic surgery. This involves using some of the most advanced surgical techniques available, such as minimally invasive, videoscopic-assisted valve repair and replacement.

A variety of aortic surgery procedures are offered at Swedish by a highly trained multidisciplinary team with years of experience performing complex aortic operations. These include surgeries to treat aortic dissection (bleeding into and along the wall of the aorta) and aortic aneurysms (a weakening or bulging in the vessel wall).

Many diseases and conditions can cause the aorta to enlarge or tear and thereby increase the risk for life-threatening events. Such conditions range from atherosclerosis (thickening and hardening of the arterial walls) and high blood pressure to genetic conditions such as Marfan’s syndrome. Surgeons at Swedish are among the West Coast’s most skilled when it comes to surgical solutions for aortic problems.

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What is aortic regurgitation?

Repairing versus replacing the aortic valve

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